Questionnaire|How has the Coronavirus affected your work in China?

This questionnaire is designed for participants who have been affected by the Coronavirus in related to job seek or employment in China.We hope to understand your current concerns and provide essential support in the process of your job hunting in China. 

Thanks for your participation. Should you have any inquires, feel free to reach out to us via 
* 1. What's your occupation?
* 2. Where are you currently?
* 4. What is your current status?
* 5. Are you worried about the globe pandemic Coronavirus?
* 6. Has the Coronavirus affected your decision to work in China?
* 7. From what aspects has Coronavirus affected your work in China? 【Multiple】
* 8. What kind of reassurances from your Chinese school would help you if you come to work here at this time?  【Multiple】
(please tick as many as you like)
* 9. Are you familiar with the policies in your region of China regarding the latest responses to the Coronavirus?
* 10. Are there any travel restrictions in place from your country to China at the moment?
* 11. Do you face pressure from any of the following not to travel to China at the moment?
* 12. If you are a job seeker, how likely are you to put your job seeking on hold at the moment?
* 14. What other things are important in your decision to work in China at the moment?
* 15. Please kindly provide your email for us to provide you with the feedback on the questionnaire.